Vertical Menu Allowance

The Ontario Christian Gleaners adds pre-dried products to our soup mixes and fruit snacks for extra vitamins, nutrients and flavour.  Protein found in barley, beans, lentils and peas make these products essential to our vegetable soup mixes.   All products are shipped outside of North America to provide relief to hungry orphans, refugees and the poor.


By partnering with the Ontario Christian Gleaners, local growers, distributors and processing companies can help feed those in need around the world. 


Please consider donating some of the following ingredients:

 Beans Pasta (small size varieties)
 Fruit Peas (green & yellow)
 Lentils Soup Mix
 Nuts Table Salt
 Onions Tomatoes


If you are interested in donating already dried product please email or call 519-624-8245.

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