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We invite you to come and volunteer at the Gleaners.  Individuals can just show up at the Gleaners while groups are asked to schedule a volunteer opportunity.  (see below)  The Gleaners operates Monday to Friday from 8:30am until 12:00pm. Our building is designed with in-floor heating and we also have stools available to make your volunteer experience comfortable.    Please wear appropriate modest clothing and footwear.  (no sandals or flip-flops)  Volunteer opportunities are available for those high school aged and up. 
** We are a fragrance free facility **  

PLEASE NOTE:  If you need your volunteer hours authorized, please bring your paperwork each day you volunteer to have it signed by a staff member. 


Groups interested in volunteering are asked to please complete the volunteer booking form to plan a Gleaning event.  Many different groups have volunteered including: seniors and church groups, high school co-ops, students on PA days and neighbourhood friends.  We also ask that groups coming to volunteer bring something to share at coffee break - cookies, squares, muffins etc.  
Groups are requested to please review the information page and bring the completed contact information page with them to the Gleaners.  Adult Groups   Student & Youth Groups 

Please contact the manager­ to confirm long range scheduling and check our of note page for closures.

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