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NEEDED:  Clean Square Pails with Lids.  Please wash them and deliver to the Gleaners at 1550 Morrison Rd. Cambridge, ON.  Each pail holds up to 400 servings of soup and is used for shipping Gleaners soup around the world

Printable poster of pail uses around the world click here

Needed:  Clean Square Pails Poster click here

The Gleaners is a receiving depot for completed milk bag mats ready for distribution.  They must be clean and dry and long enough for an adult to sleep on. (minimum of 5 feet)

For a printable poster of Milk Bag Mats used around the world click here

 ** PLEASE NOTE – The Gleaner does not collect milk bags **

1.       Please use milk bags only as other bags disintegrate quickly in the hot sun.

2.        Make sure the bags are clean and dry.

3.       They must be stored flat as this helps when the milk bags are cut.

Cutting for Crocheting:   (two options)

  •   Cut milk bag on the angle to create one continuous long strip that starts narrow and gradually increase to 4 – 6 cm in width before tapering off at the end.   Roll into balls for crocheting. 
  •   Lay milk bag flat.  Cut strips across the width of the milk bag about 1.5 inches wide.  This will create loops that can be joined before rolling the joined strips into balls for crocheting.

Cutting for Weaving:

 1.       Lay the milk bag flat

 2.       Cut a thin strip off the bottom and top of the milk bag

 3.       Cut the remaining piece of the milk bag across the width into two or three pieces.  This will create loops that can be joined together before weaving. 

Weaving Loom Instructions

How to Weave a Milk Bag Mat

How to Crochet a Milk Bag Mat

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