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The energy of the Gleaners!

Gleaners volunteers arrive each weekday eager to help make 30,000 servings of soup before the morning is over. 

With an average of 60 volunteers each day, 1000 volunteer hours are logged each week.

For more information on becoming a Gleaners Volunteer click here

The Gleaners is supported entirely by donations – From the fresh and dried products that make our soup mixes to the funding for operating expenses; individuals, businesses, community groups and churches are our supporters. 

If you are interested in helping feed those in need around the world, please visit our ‘How to Help’ tab for more information.
(Back row from left)  Gene Veening (Treasurer), John VanderStoep,  Dave Rochester (Vice-Chair),  Jane Aubrey  (Front row from left) Terry Grey, Will Stolz, Wayne Foster (Chair), Joyce Stevens

All board members are in agreement with and sign acceptance of our
Statement of Faith


Shelley Stone - Manager -

Harry VanDyk - Building and Equipment Manager

Elaine Merkus - Assistant Manager -

Fred Dykman - Warehouse Manager (absent)

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